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The proposed CRC will have an organisation that allows effective and transparent management for both scientific programmes and administrative/financial issues. The administrative core of Cluster Z will be a coordinator with a multilingual secretary and a pool of non-academic staff (e.g. web-master and student assistants). This administrative unit will work closely with the speaker and his/her deputy.

Project Z1


Administration and Coordination

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Tibor J. Dunai

The project Z01 Administration and Coordination will maintain administration of central funds, organize and coordinate CRC-internal, outgoing and outreach activities. These activities pertain to the support of visiting scientists, colloquia, retreats and workshops, publications, public relations, gender measures and structured graduate training. Structured graduate training will be organized in collaboration with the Graduate School of Geosciences and the Graduate School for Biological Sciences at the University of Cologne.

Project Z2


Data management and spatial data analysis

Research areas: Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics, Geography, Computer Sciences

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Georg Bareth, Prof. Dr. Olaf Bubenzer

According to the DFG guidelines and the necessity of collaborative work in the entire project, (i) a central research data management system will be established based on an already working implementation, the CRC/TR32 project database. This database is capable of sharing and archiving large research data, allows accurate data description by a standardized, interoperable, modifiable metadata schema and enables to derive digital object identifier (DOIs) for datasets.

Project Z3


Ground based observations and experiments

Research areas: Geography

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Olaf Bubenzer, Prof. Dr. Georg Bareth

Most CRC subprojects rely on data acquired from the central service projects Z02 and Z03, which bundle expertise and equipment for ground-based monitoring and remote-sensing data, and which will be responsible for data processing and analyses. A number of subprojects will benefit from on-site artificial irrigation experiments, which will be carried out within the framework of Z03.

Project Z4


Analytical Services

Research areas: Geochemistry

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Tibor J. Dunai, Prof. Dr. Alfred Dewald, Prof. Dr. Janet Rethemeyer

Nine of the nineteen envisaged scientific subprojects require cosmogenic nuclide and radiocarbon analyses to obtain essential information on chronology and process rates. These analyses have in common that they require Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and prior specialist sample preparation to transform samples into a suitable form for AMS-measurement.

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Prof. Dr. Tibor J. Dunai
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy | University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 49b | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2634 | tduanai@uni-koeln.de
Dr. Maximilian Müller
Institute of Geography | University of Cologne

Otto-Fischer-Str. 4 | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2241 | maximilian.mueller@uni-koeln.de
Deputy Speaker:
Prof. Dr. Martin Melles
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy | University of Cologne

Zülpicher Str. 49a | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2262 | mmelles@uni-koeln.de
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