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Ground based observations and experiments

Research areas: Geography

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Olaf Bubenzer, Prof. Dr. Georg Bareth

Most CRC subprojects rely on data acquired from the central service projects Z02 and Z03, which bundle expertise and equipment for ground-based monitoring and remote-sensing data, and which will be responsible for data processing and analyses. A number of subprojects will benefit from on-site artificial irrigation experiments, which will be carried out within the framework of Z03.

2017 06 06 Project z3 6 300pxSchematic overview of various methods provided and utilised in subprojects Z02, Z03 and C03.
Figure: Lennart Meine, Markus Forbriger

In addition, Z03 will be in charge of maintaining up to 15 meteorological stations, which will be installed in each of the three CRC focus areas along transects from west to east. These stations will provide essential climatic data for all CRC subprojects and our Chilean partners. Due to decadal climatic variations in the region (e.g. El Niño-Southern Oscillation, ENSO), they are designed to provide climatic data for a minimum of 12 years, i.e. the envisaged duration of the CRC, exceeding the time span of most other projects. To achieve standardized data acquisition and post-processing, Z03 will work in close cooperation with Z02 and with other data-receiving projects throughout the CRC.

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Prof. Dr. Tibor J. Dunai
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy | University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 49b | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2634 | tduanai@uni-koeln.de
Dr. Maximilian Müller
Institute of Geography | University of Cologne

Otto-Fischer-Str. 4 | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2241 | maximilian.mueller@uni-koeln.de
Deputy Speaker:
Prof. Dr. Martin Melles
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy | University of Cologne

Zülpicher Str. 49a | 50674 Cologne
+49-(0)221-470 2262 | mmelles@uni-koeln.de
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