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IRTG RTD - Landscape Evolution Modeling using the FastScape algorithm/software

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 Topic:   Landscape Evolution Modeling using the FastScape algorithm/software
Instructor:   Prof. Dr. Jean Braun | GFZ Helmholtz-Zentrum, Potsdam
Date:   21./22. June 2021
Time:    1-4 PM (CET), breaks included
Location:    via Zoom



The course objectives are to provide an introduction to the modeling of landscape evolution using a sophisticated and user-friendly software (FastScape) developed to solve the Stream Power Law (SPL) representing stream bedrock incision in mountain belts. The course will start with a brief recap of the mountain building process and how it relates to tectonic and climate forcing. We will then briefly describe the SPL, what it represents and its basic predictions. We will then use it to illustrate how we think dynamically uplifting orogenic areas react to changes in climate (precipitation rate) by using FastScape. The course is based around a series of tutorials that make use of python jupyter notebooks. Prerequisites include basic knowledge of geological processes and the python programming language. The course is run over two days.


Previous experience: Basic knowledge of the python language as well as basic knowledge of geological processes (time scales, etc.) is required although Prof. Braun will start with a small recap of what will be absolutely necessary to understand the course. The course does not require deep knowledge about geomorphology.

What you need to participate in the course: You need to have access to a computer to follow the course. You also need to download the software (notebooks) ahead of time. This will be available online (on GitHub) with plenty of instructions for installation. Further information about the course will be distributed one week before the course.


Maximum number of participants: 10 to 15 (first come, first served). PhD candidates of the CRC have priority to participate. Left spaces can be filled up by interested Postdocs of the CRC (write an email beforehand, if interested).


Registration: Register by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 10th June 2021.



CRC Lecture Series for all CRC 1211 members

every Monday afternoon during summer term (April-July 2021)
Time: 5 - 6:30 PM (CET) via Zoom

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